Keep in touch with your Customers from anywhere

A Unified Customer Service platform for your customers to reach you on all major Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and even SMS

Join the great companies using Ongair to stay in touch with their customers

"We chose Ongair because we wanted to connect with our Customers on the channels they prefer. We've seen a 60% increase in the number of requests we're getting which is remarkable!" Philes Atandi, Head of Customer Experience, KopoKopo Inc

Powerful Dashboard

Easy to use dashboard

Ongair is a unified customer service tool where you can see all your WhatsApp, WeChat and other messages in one easy to use Inbox.

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Awesome Analytics

Love data, Crunch data

We've developed the most advanced reports and analytics for Instant Message platforms available today. Measure your responsiveness, Analyse Keywords and get deeper insights on you customers.


Auto responses

Work smarter with Auto & Canned responses

You can create simple rules for how your messages will be replied to in your absence. Add a bank of common replies to make your workflow smoother and jump into the conversation anytime you want.

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Multiple Agents

Multiple agents, Multiple conversations

It can get busy when your customers are trying to reach you. Unlike using WhatsApp or WeChat on a phone or tablet, now your whole customer service team can chip in and close conversations faster.

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CRM integrations

Integrate with other CRM tools

Use Ongair with tools your team already knows and loves, like Zendesk and Freshdesk. Our app is the fastest way to bring WhatsApp and WeChat into Zendesk or Freshdesk.

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Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

You’re customers are most likely on more than one Instant Messaging apps. Which is why Ongair lets you add more than one messaging channel to your account and access them all on a single dashboard.

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Our Prices

* Not inclusive of WhatsApp. For WhatsApp see our pricing



Just starting out?

This package is perfect for you. Choose from one of our 5 IM channels and see why everyone is buzzing about Instant Messaging.


1 Channel

2 Agents

Unlimited Messages

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Growing pains?

No need to panic, get more of your team on board. This package has everything to help you expand your business.

All Lite features +

2 Channels

5 Agents

Unlimited Messages

Additional Features

Freshdesk and Zendesk + 10$

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Getting the hang of it?

Talk to your customers on whichever IM channel they are on and enjoy advanced features to quickly scale your customer support.

All Standard features +

5 Channels

10 Agents

Unlimited Messages

Additional features

Freshdesk or Zendesk inclusive

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We can provide you with advanced capabilities and features in our Enterprise plan including a custom sub-do-main and integrations to your internal systems.

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