Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ongair?

Ongair is a web-based dashboard that allows you to talk to your customers via instant messaging apps such as WeChat, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. You can also manage and track all your conversations with our easy integration of CRM tools such as Zendesk and Freshdesk

How to setup your account.

Setting up an account on Ongair is easy. Once you sign up, you will be asked to select the IM platform you would like to use. Thereafter, you will be provided with a set of easy to follow instructions to get your Ongair account up and running.

Can I activate more than one account?

Yes, once you have successfully signed up and created your first account, you can set up other additional accounts. However, the number of channels you can add depends on the pricing package you select. What’s more, you can also manage all these accounts via the same dashboard, without having to switch to a new window.

Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send.

No, all our pricing packages come with an ‘Unlimited Messages ‘provision. Send as many messages as you would like.

Is it easy to add or remove agents?

Adding and removing agents is quick and easy. The number of agents you can have is determined by the pricing package you are currently on.Find out more about our pricing packages here

Are there any rules or regulations when sending messages?

Yes, to ensure you are not blocked or listed as Spam we strongly advise against sending unsolicited messages. Prior to sending messages ensure your clients have saved your number / know who you are.


How does the free trial work?

We offer a 14 day free trial to anyone who would like to test out our product and see how It works. At any time during your trial, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade to a package of your choice. Remember to select a plan and make a payment before your trial expires.
Note: You will not be asked to fill in your payment details for the free trial.

Which plan is the best for me?

Our plans are designed to fit teams of all sizes. The pricing packages are categorized in terms of number of agents, number of channels, space available and access to our API. Depending on your requirements you can choose between the lite, standard , premium and enterprise packages.

How often are payments made?

You can opt for the monthly or annual subscriptions. Subscriptions are prepaid, so you will have to make the purchase to get access to Ongair.
Please note: Our annual subscriptions are at a discounted price. Find out how much you can save here

Can I switch between plans ?

Yes you can, at the end of each subscription you can choose to either upgrade or downgrade your plan.
Please note: You can only switch to a different plan at the end of your current plan

What are my payment options?

At the moment, we accept payments via EFT or PayPal. All payments should be made in USD.


Do I pay to create a Telegram bot?

No , Telegram Bots are free to create. There are a couple of fake botfather accounts that may ask you to pay. To avoid this, ensure you type the word "@BotFather" exactly as it appears. Visit our blog for step by step instructions on how to create your Telegram account


Is it possible to integrate Ongair with Zendesk ? and if so, what do I need?

Yes it is possible to integrate Ongair with Zendesk. To do this, ensure you have an account on Ongair and an existing account on Zendesk.

How do I integrate my Ongair account with Zendesk?

After ensuring you have both an Ongair account and a Zendesk account. Login to your Ongair dashboard and follow these quick and easy steps through to the end.

How does the Ongair + Zendesk integration work?
Receiving messages

When a customer sends you a message for the first time, Ongair turns that IM message into a Zendesk ticket that you can view from your Zendesk dashboard.

Sending messages

Consequently, once an agent replies to a ticket from Zendesk, the customer receives the reply on their phone via the respective IM channel that they are on.

Recurrent messages

If there already is an open ticket, the message is added as a comment to the existing ticket.

Can I connect multiple IM channels to my Zendesk? How?

Yes you can. Different Ongair accounts can integrate with the same Zendesk account. All you need to do is set up your new Ongair account and follow these steps as described here

What criteria do you use to create new tickets or update existing ones?

This depends on whether you chose to mark the end of a ticket as either solved or closed when you were integrating your account. When the end of a ticket is marked with either option we create a new ticket if the same customer reaches out again. If the end of a ticket has not been marked and a customer contacts you, the message is appended to an existing ticket.

Can we see IM tickets in our reports?

Yes it is. When you view your Zendesk reports, your IM tickets will appear marked under the respective channel. i.e Messenger tickets, WhatsApp tickets, Telegram tickets. etc.

Will this integration affect our Zendesk automations and workflows?

No it won’t. Ongair integrates seamlessly into your workflow and does not affect any of your existing automations.